Robern Menz

Carroll Partners is employed by our principal Robern Menz to service their industrial client base.

The Menz confectionery name has been synonymous with consistent quality at an affordable price since 1850. Few companies survive without innovation and development, but staying true to our values is key. We only use the finest quality ingredients, and therefore Menz products are highly sought after.

Robern Range:

Robern Range

Apricot Logs (108mm Long)

Apricot Indulgence (Apricot Delight)

Strawberry Indulgence

Coconut Fruits

Apricot Balls (Large)

Apricot Balls (Small)

Strawberry Balls (Small)

Aussie Mix

Choc Honeycomb

Menz Choc Honeycomb

Honeycomb (Crunch) Crumb 2-4mm

Honeycomb (Crunch) Crumb 4-8mm

Honeycomb (Crunch) Trims


Menz Chocolate range

Choc Honeycomb

Mini Choc Honeycomb


Raspberry Chocs

Crown Mints

Menz Crown MInts

Crown Mints – Spearmint

Crown Mint - Mild

Crown Mints - Extra Strong

Coffee Beans

Coffee Beans


Dark Chocolate Coffee Beans

Milk Chocolate Coffee Beans

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