Buderim Ginger

Carroll Partners is employed by our principal Buderim Ginger to supply their entire range comprising of over 80 different ginger products on their behalf.

Buderim Ginger commercial products are in a format and a style to suit almost any use. Whether your ginger requirement is for Industrial & Ingredients, Retail Trade or Foodservice there is a Buderim Ginger product to suit.

Retail Varities

Retailer's Ginger products list:

  • Retail Pack: Ginger Bears 190g*10 (Product Code: 13314)
  • Cordial: Ginger Refresher 750ml*12 (Product Code: 16336)
  • Cordial: Lemon, LIme & Bitters 750ml*12 (Product Code: 16345)
  • Ginger Beer 6*4pk*250ml (Product Code: 16363)
  • Ginger Beer and Pear 6*4pk*250ml (Product Code: 16393)
  • Ginger Beer Reduced Sugar 6*4pk*250ml (Product Code: 16373)
  • Ginger Beer with Guarana 6*4pk*250ml (Product Code: 16383)
  • Jam: Lemon Lime 365g*6 (Product Code: 29316)
  • Jam: Original 365g*6 (Product Code: 29307)
  • Retail Pack: Naked Ginger 200g*9 (Product Code: 14300)
  • Sweet Ginger Sauce 250ml*6 (Product Code: 19220)

Naked Ginger

Delicious Syruped Ginger, pulped after syruping. An extremely versatile format which allows for optimum flavour release of sugar processed ginger

Sugar processed ginger dusted with a fine icing mixture.
Dusted Ginger Products:

  • Select Dice - described by the number of pieces per 500 grams.
  • These include 55/85, 70/100 & 100/140.

  • Small Dice
    Minicube - 10mm cubes dusted.

For more information on the Buderim Ginger product range visit : www.buderimginger.com