Peanut Company of Australia

Carroll Partners is employed by our principal, the Peanut Company of Australia, to supply high quality Hi Oleic peanuts and peanut products on their behalf.

PCA can also assist you in choosing the right product for your application or work with you to develop a product for your needs.

Peanuts in Shell

Premium Australian Hi Oleic peanuts in their shell, available as raw.

Available in Virginia variety.

Peanut Kernel

Skin on (raw)

Shelled, graded and sorted peanut kernels. Good for panning, coating, trail mixes, snackfood and premium beer nuts etc.

Fruit Cocktail

Skin off (blanched)

Shelled, graded, blanched and sorted peanut kernels. Perfect for snackfood, peanut butter, confectionery and manufacturing markets etc.


High quality, Australian peanut kernels coated with complementary flavours like chilli & lime or honey roast. Contact PCA for latest flavours and product specifications.

Other Peanut Products

Oil: Extracted from crushed shelled peanuts to create cold pressed oil.

Paste: Roasted peanuts are ground to produce a natural peanut paste without any additives.

Roasted Fines: The finest peanut particles that are sieved from the "cut" or "milled" roasted kernels.

Granulated: Cut and sieved to specific size categories: Kibble, Granulated Medium and Granulated Coarse.

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