Almond Co

Carroll Partners is employed by our principal Almondco Australia to supply premium quality almond products. More than 85% of Australia’s almond growers supply Almondco Australia – one of the most successful horticultural co-operatives in the nation.

Pasteurised Premium Australian Almonds - Almond Co Pure

  • Dedicated purpose built processing plant
  • State of the art in line chemical free technology
  • Optimal food safety treatment of every almond kernel
  • Maintain same great taste, nutritional value and sensory appeal

Almonds are highly sought after for a myriad of uses - listed below is the product range supplied by Almond Co:

Natural Almonds

Premium natural Australian almonds are gluten free and jam packed with nutritional benefits.  Almond Co supplies quality almond that can be used in cooking, baking, or to have on hand as a healthy snack .

Blanched Almonds

Premium blanched almond products come in a variety of forms such as, slivered, sliced, whole or meal (ground) They are so versatile to use for cooking, and add healthy gluten free texture and flavour to any recipe.

Roasted Almonds

Natural Whole Roasted almonds are simply delicious and can be used in exactly the same way as a natural almond and have no nutritional differences.  A healthy snack throughout the day, or include them in your breakfast cereal, lunches, cooking, baking and desserts.

Flavoured Almonds

Flavoured almonds are simply premium, roasted, Australian almonds to which a flavour has been added.  They are simply delicious, used mainly for snacking, but why not try some in your cooking such as stir fries and salads?

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